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Pretty Little Girls, a satiric headbanger aimed at society’s concept of beauty

Védís Hervör is an acclaimed singer-songwriter from Iceland. After studying music production at Point Blank in London she teamed up with songwriting team BFD studios. Védís has written multiple tracks for other artists and collaborates with various songwriting teams to date. „Pretty Little Girls” is a satyr on the beauty enigma and how society's concept of beauty only serves to reinforce sexist beliefs and distort the value and worth of women. The song has many hints on social media madness, beauty influencers, commercialization of beauty and ludicrous beauty standards and alterations through history. From China's 1000 years of tiny curved feet to today's practice of contouring one's face unrecognizable - history repeats itself only to drift farther and farther away from our natural appearances.

Although most of her endeavors have been behind the curtains of songwriting she has an ongoing solo career as Védís Hervör. Her debut In the Caste (2001) at 19 years of age made her one of Iceland‘s prominent pop artists, earning her a gold record in Iceland and multiple nominations and awards. Védís then followed her debut with A Beautiful Life – Recovery Project (2007), featuring hit songs A Beautiful Life and Happy to be here which landed her a distribution deal with AWAL, one of the world‘s leading digital distributions. The lustrous single Grace broke her solo career silence in 2016, followed by critical success as her hit song Blow My Mind was nominated pop song of the year 2017 by the Icelandic Music Awards. The singles Punch Drunk Love and Wild were released shortly after as part of Védís‘s singles video ensemble soon to be something of an LP. The newest headbanger of the ensemble, „Pretty Little Girls” is out now.

You can follow her journey on social media: Listen to her new song Pretty little girls here:



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