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Jóhannes Bjarki writes music from the heart

The year is 2021 and Jóhannes sits and plays the guitar and this time words were flowing to him with the sounds from the guitar. A few hours later the song ,,Endless Years’’ was born.

Jóhannes decided at the age of 43 to start learning to play the guitar and only 4 years later, at the age of 47 he released his first song ,,Endless Years’’.

,,I was really surprised and happy when i wrote the song and i felt like it couldn't be something that i wrote and created with such a short experience in music creation. I i'm usually pretty quick to write my songs when i want to and this was no exception.’’ Jóhannes Bjarki

,,Endless Years’’ is the 10th song that Jóhannes writes and the song is a love song. Jóhannes says he writes about his experiences in his life and his songs come straight from his heart.

,,Shortly after i has wrote the song ,,Endless Years’’ my 11th song followed called ,,Stuck’’ and i felt like i had to take these two songs to the studio and make them accessible to everyone.’’ Jóhannes Bjarki

Late summer of 2022 he takes the songs to a studio to Hallgríms Jónasar Ómarssonar who took care of the recording, mixing and mastering as well as playing the guitar on the songs. He gather the music geniuses Stefán Gunnarsson (Bass) and Valgarð Óla Ómarsson (Drums) along on this amazing project.

He says he walked into the studio with two written songs and a guitar but walked out with two fully produced songs with a tight sounds of the band. He compliments the team that was apart of the making of the two songs for a surprising and a professional collaboration that he wouldn't have dreamed to be a reality a few years earlier.

You follow Jóhannes on his musical journey here



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