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Tribute to those that do not dare.

Karma Brigade releases their double sided single “WAITING MAN // LOOK UP

,,LOOK UP’’ is a tribute to those that do not dare, with the purpose to inspire the listeners to look ahead and make those dreams come true.

,,It's important to dare, go for it and make mistakes to grow’’ Karma Brigade.

The song is more of a “mainstream” pop sound than the other songs the band has released until now but it has the common ground of being powerful, containing a big sound world and thick wall of voices.

,,WAITING MAN'' is about daring to give yourself the time to do what you want to and holding onto that dream even though it may seem far away at the moment. To trust the journey and release all worries when you are at a good place. To have that momentum to not take your eyes off the prize.

The song stands out from the others as being more electro pop and containing only synthesizer, drum machine, and electric guitar that create the sound world. Despite that the song is sincere and impactful.

,,WAITING MAN'' and ,,LOOK UP’'' are the second and third songs of the 12 song Album being released by the rising band Karma Brigade. The atmosphere of the Album is full of life, hope & excitement following the first release of the album ,,ALIVE’’. The band will be following up the song with 9 more songs being released until next summer. Karma Brigade is a promising band from Iceland, winners of music awards and are being closely watched by their fans as the band continues to give them a taste of magnetic feeling of freedom.


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