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Sara OcĂ©an - Zou Bisou Bisou is reaching half a million streams on Spotify đŸŽ¶

Sara Océan brings new life into the song Zou Bisou Bisou.

Icelandic singer Sara Océan makes waves in her music career and especially for her performance in french music.

Her cover of the song Zou Bisou Bisou originally performed by Gillian Hills is reaching 500.000 streams on Spotify. Sara brings new life to the song and puts it in to a modern vibe that listeners of this generation connect to more deeply than ever before. Her cover has been blowing up social media and is becoming increasingly popular between content creator on Instagram and TikTok Listen to her song on Spotify here:

Sara also released the song La Javanaise that is now reaching 2.000.000 streams on Spotify. ,,I started by accident very young listening to french pop music from 1960 and completely fell in love with the language and the music and and. had started singing french songs before i understood a word in french'' Sara quotes




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