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She made me wanna Move

Singer/songwriter and producer Major Pink just released his new eclectic song and music video called “Move”.

Major Pink is an Icelandic artist now based in Estonia where he has been performing at art festivals such as Ajuokse Alternatiivkunsti Turg and Ükssarvik. In December he will be releasing the first Major Pink LP.

These catchy 80’s vibes with Major Pink’s relaxed vocals on the forefront are perfectly accompanied by a surprisingly vulnerable and powerful music video drawing inspiration from David Bowie. Move is out on Spotify and other streaming platforms and you can listen to it here

I’m not a dancer, never been. The few times I’ve been in dance clubs I was always the guy sitting in the corner with my drink trying not to make eye contact with anyone.That all changed suddenly, almost overnight, when I met someone special. She made me want to move. I wanted to dance with her. She made me forget my insecurities.

I wanted to express my fascination. All of a sudden I had written the song ``Move ``, says the Icelandic musician Gunnar Ingi Valgeirsson, or Major Pink.

He’s been working in the music industry for over 10 years amongst collaborators such as Bardi Johannsson, one of Iceland’s biggest artists that’s been known for his work with Bang Gang as well as being a film composer. „I was performing in The Battle of the Bands in 2014. Shortly after that I got in contact with Bardi, who was willing to work with me. I’ve learned a lot from him when it comes to producing songs. It’s very inspiring growing up in the Icelandic music scene, you’re so close to your idols and we’re all helping out each other”.

Major Pink is not only ambitious when it comes to writing and producing songs but also in making music videos. He’s had quite a lot of success with videos to his songs, winning awards and being nominated at numerous festivals such as the Oniros Film Festival in New York and the Film Festival in Miami.

Not knowing how to dance, but doing it anyway

“I had a very clear idea about how I wanted the video to “Move” to be. I wanted it to be just one person dancing in front of the camera. Only one problem. I don’t know how to dance. For a while I talked to dancers about my idea but nothing happened and now I’m glad it didn’t. In the end I couldn’t wait any longer. I just decided to swallow my pride and insecurities and give it a go by myself. I paired up with Kerly Ritval who directed and did my make-up. We got a studio and went there with her camera. I just stood there like an idiot and waved my arms around in beat to the music. I just did something and I was so sure that it looked stupid but after it was over and I looked over the footage I realised that it was exactly what the song is about, a person who doesn’t know how to dance but gets the overwhelming urge to do it anyway. I think there is something very sincere and beautiful about that.”

We cannot wait to hear his new album, but until then we recommend you to check out this video and see if it makes you wanna Move!

Watch it here

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