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Hearts sleep side by side.

Icelandic singer/songwriter Kjass releases her single Easy. Kjass lives in a beautiful, charming town in the north of Iceland, called Akureyri. Music has always been her biggest passion as well as supporting other women in music through associations like “Stelpur rokka” (Girls rock) and making a documentary about one of Iceland’s first female composers. She has a unique style that allows her soft vocals to shine. Her artist name “Kjass” means “cuddles” in Icelandic and “Easy”, her new pop single is about love and how good it feels to find a safe place with those who are easy to love, where honesty & trust are at the forefront.

“When I sing Easy I walk into my heart where i feel calm, warm and soft. I rest there in complete safety and I feel how loved I am for everything that I am. The simplicity in my relationship with my boyfriend is what creates the pure foundation that our relationship is built up on. The simple fact that our hearts sleep side by side creates that safe but adventurous journey that love has brought us on and that is the feeling I pour out in my new song.’’ Says Kjass about her new song.

Kjartan Kjartansson is the sound designer of the song and has been working along side Kjass on her new album. With the simple yet deep tunes that Anna Gréta and Mikael Máni provide the song with their interplay, the soft cello that is played by Ásdís Arnardóttur and the background vocals put a new dimension to it with their bright background vocals. Listen to the soft tunes Easy brings you on Spotify here:

You can watch her live perfomance here:

Kjass is now working on her album Bleed’n blend which will be released in August.

You can follow Kjass on her social media:



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