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There’s always someone who understands

Kjass from Iceland writes sweet, soothing music accompanied by her angelic voice.

The Icelandic word “Kjass” meaning cuddles is the artist name of the wonderful Fanney Kristjánsdóttir coming from Akureyri in the north of Iceland. She has just released her second solo album called “Bleed n’ Blend”.

Kjass tells us that the purpose of this album is to give people hope and strength to continue after difficulties, traumas and violence.

“Music can be so soothing. My goal is to make music that’s like a big hug that’s coming towards us when we most need it. It doesn’t matter what we’re going through. There’s always someone that will understand and can support us through it. Kjass - Bleed'n Blend (lyric video)

Her debut album „Rætur”, meaning roots was released in the fall of 2018 and was nominated as the album of the year in its category at the Icelandic Music Awards. But now she has chosen to move towards a more colorful direction. „It’s more influenced by pop and rock than my first album, I’ve always loved the Icelandic artist Emiliana Torrini and Norah Jones and then there’s also some Pearl Jam influence sneaking through the backdoor I guess,” says Fanney and laughs.

It matters that women can express themselves in their own ways

Fanney says her studies as a jazz singer and teacher really helped her “I realized I could do it all by myself. There I did get all the tools to make my own songs and that was very empowering! It matters a lot to me that women are able to express themselves in their own ways. Showing people your world and making music from your femininity in the widest sense of that word is so important!”.

The musicians on Bleed'n Blend capture the magic of the music with their unique talent and sensitivity. The music is first and foremost created through the feeling and spirit of each song created in the mind of the instrumentalist.

Mikel Máni Ásmundsson and Anna Gréta on guitar and piano both have a unique sound and improvisation. With his drumming Rodrigo Lopes colors the songs with his interesting, unexpected Brazilian vibe. Stefán Gunnarsson brings it all together with his soft bass playing. Tómas Jónsson plays the hammond in two songs that amplifies them, Ásdís Arnardóttir’s cello is woven beautifully into the soundscape and Daníel Starrason plays guitar in the final song of the album.

Kjartan Kjartans & Fanney Kristjáns

“What surprised me in the process is how we managed to get onto this deep level emotionally. That way we made something that’s so much bigger and more profound than I could have imagined. I love this group. They really poured their hearts and souls into this project and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with the world”.

And we are too!

We recommend you turn on “Bleed n’ blend” and allow Kjass’s catchy tunes to embrace your ears!

Make sure to follow Kjass on her socials to keep tabs on her upcoming releases (Social links)



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