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Young, bold and living in the moment.

,,We are young, just in the prime time of our lives, starting to bloom and reminding ourselves that this is the best time of our lives’’. Karma Brigade

Karma Brigade is a promising band from Iceland filled with young talents creating a strong group of artists. They released their first Album in the year 2021 States of mind.

,,Our first Album reflects us as young adults, learning about life, becoming our true selves, facing difficulties as well as going through all the highs. This is an album where we pour our emotions into every song’’. Karma Brigade

They are real, raw and unique as their band consists of driven musicians heading for the stars.

It all started when the music school Miðstöðin in Iceland seeked young talents and came across these unique individuals and put them together and instantly something magical happened.

Over the years they have learned how to master their sounds in a way it perches through your soul moving every fiber of your being.

Recently they just released their first single ALIVE of their second album called ,,These are the good old days’’

ALIVE is really the beginning of their new journey where they realize that one day, when they look back, this is gonna be the time that they remember as the ‘’Good old days’’.

ALIVE is an alternative Rock/Pop song that kicks off the Album with a blast, giving you the taste of the magnetic, powerful feeling that they feel when they take a moment to pause and enjoy the moments that they are living, breathing and creating all around them.

That's exactly the concept of their new Album. Their message is to inspire those who listen to take a breath and really look around and enjoy the beauty of the moments happening right in front of your eyes. To create the life and the moments that you dream of.

Karma Brigade is a 2 times winner of the music awards ‘’public vote at the battle of the bands’’ In Iceland as well as claiming the first prize national radio Iceland christmas song competition and have since then performed abroad in countries like Denmark and Berlin.

,,That is our dream’’. they say. ,,To travel and play our music to people all over the world and inspire our vision of living in the moment. It's not always easy but with practice and reminders it's worth every minute of it’’.

We encourage you to listen to their new release ALIVE and let the sounds of their music travel within you and take you to wherever it might.

Listen to Alive on Spotify here.

Along with their single the band has released a beautiful music video that showcases their live performance aspect while emerging in Icelands glory standing right in front of one of most known Icelandic mountains Esjan.

Keep tabs with the band on their social media so you don’t miss their upcoming releases of their new Album and future tours where you might get the change to experience the undeniable power of their music performed live:



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