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When it's written in the skies.

The couple Alyria & bixxi release their single Running

Running is the story of how thoughts and actions do not always align in a relationship and how the mind can interpret feelings and thoughts and make them more complicated than they really are when you are deep in love.

Listen to Running on youtube:

Alongside their music careers Alyria is an filmmaker & Bixxi is an music producer and together they have opened the production company Flame Productions based in Iceland where they work with artists on their music and videos along with music marketing as well as offering a variety of fresh and exciting playlists on Spotify. ,,I have always been inspired by film making. When I was young I started writing, shooting and editing short movies with my sister and girlfriends for fun, those movies will never see the daylight though’’ Says Alyria and laughs.

,,I met my fiancé when we were very young and we started our relationship about 6 years ago and he has been making music from a young age. Together we started writing music along with working with various artists on their music and videos. We started marketing music for our artists and that's when we realized we had a burning passion for marketing. It all just came together like it was written in the sky and today we offer all these services for musicians''.

You can follow Alyria & Bixxi on their social media platforms.



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