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Alyria releases her song Wish You Could đŸŽ¶

Alyria started her music career about 2 years ago with good results and now releases her seventh song the 1st of April.

Her song is an uplifting song dedicated to her fiancé and all of those who tend to find them selves in. a dark place and can't see the beauty that lives is within them.

Alyria releases her song in hopes to inspire more people to look within and find their light and beauty, to not be afraid to take the leap and follow your dreams that live within you, because we al have our dreams and as long as we follow them we can always look back with pride. You can listen to her song on Spotify here:

You can watch her lyric video here:

instagram Alyria:

Article published on Albumm (Icelandic)

Article published on Fréttin (Icelandic)

Article published on VĂ­sir (Icelandic)

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