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Increase your streams 


Your music all over the world
with marketing from Flame


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Playlists on Spotify

With over 4 billion playlists on Spotify, its a great way to let the right audience find your music.

We maintain a database of over 30,000 playlist owners and growing with partnerships and links to get your music on the right charts.

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Published Articles

- We offer to handle all Spotify and streaming platforms for you.
- Pitch your song to domestic and foreign playlists.
- Send your song to domestic and foreign music blogs and media.

- Distribute your song to influencers around the world.
- Upload the song and video to streaming services.

- Pitch your song to all major radio stations.
- Send your music on record label's
- Provide you with advice before preparing a publication.

Medias that have worked with Flame

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Send us your song or message and we will give you  free consultation for your campaign

You can also send us your song to in waw or mp3 if the song is not out.

Thanks for sending us your song, we will be in touch soon.

​You can also contact us at

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